Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Natural color of teeth is white but with age it starts becoming yellowish and darkens which impact on our appearance. Tobacco product’s stains also ruin the teeth appearance, but anyone can get white and shining teeth by teeth whitening procedure. Tooth whitening is a very effective way of increasing teeth brightness.

Requirement of Teeth Whitening

Although there are various valid reasons for teeth whitening but main and import reason is confidence. If your teeth are white, shining and beautiful then you will feel always confident. Whenever you are in front of people, your smile creates a unique image among them.

Teeth Whitening takes three to four weeks. You need two or three visits to the dentist and then he will remove your stain and after that bleach your teeth. Bleaching is the most common procedure for teeth whitening.

Methods of teeth whitening

Laser whitening or powder whitening procedure is use to whiten the teeth. In this method a rubber dam is put over the teeth to protect your gums, and then bleaching product is painted on to the teeth. You can get brighter teeth up five, six shade lighter.